Final grades are announced… 17.01.2017

ATTENTION!!! (About Final)

You are allowed to use your computer and your lecture notes during the exam, however internet usage is strictly forbidden. 

In the exam NGA-W1 will be asked, you need to download related documents before coming the exam.

Chapter 3 is uploaded in the ppt format. 09.01.2017
Homework 3 due date is extended to 10.01.2017, you can bring your homeworks to the final exam 05.01.2017
For the presentation related to AFAD Earthquake Catalogue, please use updated paper in Downloads page. 21.12.2016
Homework 3 is uploded. Please check Homeworks Menu. 21.12.2016
Midterm grades are announced…You can see your papers in the lecture hour (13.12.2016) 09.12.2016
Attention to those who have made their presentations!
Please send your presentations to
You can download next weeks presentation papers from Downloads Menu.
For HW2 part 1, all the papers you need can be found in Douglas Report, which is available in Downloads Menu.
You can download the 2nd assignment from Homeworks Menu.  11.11.2016
You can download the first assignment from Homeworks Menu.  18.10.2016
 For Part 2 of Homework 1, you need unprocessed strong ground motion records assigned to your name. You can download these raw data from Downloads Menu.  18.10.2016