Course Outline

  1. Brief Review of Basic Concepts of Open Channel Flow
    1. Definitions (Open Channel Flows, Types of Flow, State of Flow)
    2. Velocity and Pressure Distribution
    3. Basic Equations of Open Channel Flow
      • Equation of Continuity
      • Momentum Equation and Specific Force Concept
      • Energy Equation and Specific Energy Concept
      • Use of Energy and Momentum Concept
      • The Resistance Equation and Uniform Flow
  2. Gradually Varied Flow (GVF)
    1. Types of Channel Slopes
    2. Basic Assumptions and Equations of GVF
    3. Water Surface Profiles
    4. Step Methods (Direct-Step Method and Standard-Step Method)
    5. Direct-Integration Methods
    6. HECRAS
    1. Channel Controls
      1. Flows Through Orifice and Short Tubes
      2. Sharp-Crested Weirs (Suppressed, Contracted, and Triangular Weirs)
      3. Free Fall
      4. Broad-Crested Weirs
      5. Spillways
      6. Parshall Flume
      7. Under-Flow Gates (Free Outflow and Drowned Outflow)
      8. Energy Dissipators
        • Hydraulic Jump as An Energy Dissipator
        • Hydraulic Jump on Steep Slopes
        • Stilling Basins