Course Outline

Course Description:

Introduction to organizations and management. Characteristics of a construction project. Review of construction equipment. Mobilization activities and site layouts. Work resource schedules of a construction project. Evaluation of project progress. Site business procedures; general and cost accounting, purchasing and warehouse procedures, project cash-flow, manpower planning. Presentation Topics.

Textbook: There are no specific textbooks for this course.


1) Lecture Notes prepared by the Instructor

2) Construction Methods and Management by S.W. Nunnally, Pearson/Prentice Hill, 2004

Course Grading: Mid-Term Exam 40%, Final Exam 50% + Presentation 5% + Attendance 5%.

Presentation by students is required on a non-technical subject for about 8-10 minutes. Choice of topic, content and preparation of material, and presentation performance will be taken account when evaluating. Those who present in Turkish will be evaluated out of 90 points (4.5%).

Course outline can be downloaded from here.