Course Description

Instructor: Prof. Dr. A. Melih Yanmaz
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1. Planning for Water Resources Development (2 hrs.)

-Definition of planning
-Phases of planning
-Environmental considerations in planning
-System analysis in water resources planning
-Review of basic concepts of open channel flow

2. Review of Basic Concepts of Open Channel Flow (3 hrs.)
3. Characteristics and Planning of Diversion Weirs (4 hrs.)

-Classification of diversion weirs
-Types and characteristics of intakes
-Fundamentals of planning for diversion weirs
-Site investigation
-Topographic surveys
-Soil investigation
-Hydrological analysis

4.Hydraulic Design of Diversion Weirs with Lateral Intakes (26 hrs.)

-Water surface profile computations in rivers
-Design of intake
-Design of spillway and sluiceways
-Design of energy dissipater
-Design of appurtenant structural elements
-Design of diversion facility
4. Safety Analysis (4 hrs.)
-Forces acting on diversion weirs
-Critical cases to be analyzed
-Safety computations against sliding, overturning, overstressing, uplift

5. Gated Weirs (1 hr.)

6. Runoff River Plants (2 hrs.)


1. Baban, R. “Design of Diversion Weirs”, Wiley, 1995.
2. Yanmaz, A. M. “Applied Water Resources Engineering”, Fifth edition, METU Press, 2018.


Midterm exam (20% – Exam date: 19th of March, 2019)
Term Project (50%)
Final exam (30%)


1. NA (Not Attended) grade will be given to those students who have

• not attended at least 85% of the lectures, or
• not taken midterm exam without official medical report, or
• taken very low grade from the midterm exam, i.e. less than 20/100.

These students will be announced in the course web page before the final exam and they will NOT be allowed to take the final exam. Therefore, ATTENDANCE IS STRICTLY REQUIRED and will be checked in the classroom.

2. All the lecture notes and announcements will be posted on and, respectively. Please check both of these web sites regularly.