Final Exam Preparation – Engineering Economy

You can find the problem set and the supplementary document for engineering economy in the Documents page.

Final Exam Preparation – First Lecture

First lecture of final exam preparation will be held on this thursday (17/10/2019) at DR1 from 16:40 to 17:30. The topic will be engineering economics (CE231).

Project Groups and Course Sections List

You can find the project groups (assigned instructor, meeting location and project) and the sections list in the Documents page.

You should add CE410 course with the assigned section number during this week. If you want to drop this course, you should inform Batu Türksönmez.

Team Forming and Project Selection

Form your group and submit the Project Selection Sheet (under the documents section) to Batu Türksönmez (K1-215A) by 27 September 17:00.