• You can find Recitation 2 in “Recitations” menu. Please do not forget to bring your either electronic or printed copy.
  • New file about “Net Foundation Pressure” is available in “Resources”.
  • Homework 1 has been released in “Homeworks”. Remember that the due date for Homework 1 is October 18, 2019 (till noon, 11:59 am). Submit your homeworks to CE 366 Homeworks box inside soil mechanics laboratory. The doors are automatically locked after 11:59 am. No late submissions are accepted. 
  • You can find a new presentation regarding Soil Settlement in “Resources”.
  • You can find Recitation 1 in “Recitations” menu. Please do not forget to bring your either electronic or printed copy.
  • You can find new instructive videos about Cone Penetration Test, Pressuremeter Test and Plate Load Test in “Resources” menu.
  • As explained during lectures, throughout the term you will be responsible for homeworks. You can find the schedule of the homeworks here
  • You can find “Site Investigation Lecture Notes” and introductory videos on drilling and sampling in “Resources” menu.
  • The lecture for CE366 Group 1 between 8:40-10:30 am on Wednesdays will be held in TH2 (not TH4). 
  • Please check out “stress increase due to embankment loading” handout. 
  • You can either download the lecture notes from “Resources” using the password that will be provided during the lecture hours or buy the printed, red covered classical notes from TAs within the following time schedule:

Makbule Ilgaç, K1- 305, September 24, 09:30 – 10:30

Yılmaz Emre Sarıçiçek, K1-303, September 26, 13:30 – 14:30

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