Make-up examination date

Make-up examination for CE272 will be held on 22.01.2019, Tuesday at 13:30 in K3 Building. Students who will take the exam should send the assistant ( an e-mail immediately and should bring their medical reports on the exam day(22.01.2019).

Midterm 2

Your Midterm 2 results are announced. Please check the “Grades” page. Objections will be held on 4th of January, Friday between 10:30-11:45 and 7th of January, Monday between 14:00-15:15 from K3-108 (Ezgi Budak).

MT1 Objection results

2112779: 84

2161628: 73

2162279: 57

2162428: 91

2161727: 46

Midterm 1 Results

Midterm 1 results are announced. Please check the “Grades” page. Objection will be held as follows from K3-108:

29th of November, Thursday between 13:40-15:00

3rd of December, Monday between 10:40-12:00

Midterm 1

Midterm 1 will be held on 16th of November, Friday at 13:40 in K1 Building!

Midterm Dates

Midterm dates are as follows:

Midterm 1: November 16th

Midterm2: December 21st

***Keep in mind that these dates are tentative; so please check this web site regularly!

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes can be bought from the secretarial at K3-Building. (K3-212 / Necla Çankaya Lostar)

You can also download CE 272 Lecture Notes from ‘Documents’ Section!