Tutorial #1 and 2

Grades of Tutorial #1 and 2 were announced. You can check and reach your grade from ‘Grades’ section!

About Midterm#1 Exam

Midterm#1 Exam will be held on 26.03.19. Please bring your calculators to the examination. (Advanced calculators e.g. Texas Instrument, Casio ClassPad etc… are not permitted! )


Tutorial#2 will be held on 14.03.19 (Thursday). Please do not forget to bring your calculator. (Cell phones will not be permitted to be used as calculator!!)


Tutorial#1 will be held on 28.02.19, at this Thursday. Please do not forget to bring your calculators.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes can be bought from the secretarial at K3-Building. (K3-212 / Necla Çankaya Lostar)