About Lab Hours

The CE224 Lab will be held on Fridays. Every lab will be announced beforehand. Please check the website regularly. There will be four lab sessions in every lab week. According to the course schedule, every section has 2 choices of lab hours. They are;

  • Section 1: FRIDAY 08:40-10:30 (optional: 15:40-17:30) 
  • Section 2: FRIDAY 10:40-12:30 (optional: 13:40-15:30)
  • Section 3: FRIDAY 13:40-15:30 (optional: 10:40-12:30)
  • Section 4: FRIDAY  15:40-17:30 (optional: 08:40-10:30)

Please attend one session that is offered for your section. I will collect your selection of the session during the first lab. If there is any confliction please send me an e-mail ( yavuzs {at} metu.edu.tr ).  Also, you can check your former grades here. If you think there is an incorrect grade, please inform me via yavuzs {at} metu.edu.tr.

The first lab will be held on 19.10.2018 (Next week, Friday).

Have a nice semester…